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Specialty Tools

There are many, many more special application tools that we designed for the auto assembly plants. Many more than we can feature on this website. So, we are going to create a picture of different types and you can guess which tool matches up to the following short description.

#1. Wobble socket to reach misaligned fastener.

#2. Pin socket to drive fasteners without symmetrical head features.

#3. Socket to install a Ford steering column tilt lever.

#4. A "NO-MAR" pry tool to remove scrivets or push buttons holding door panels.

#5. Telescoping "NO-MAR" screw driving tool to install sun shades.

#6. Special all plastic "NO-MAR" socket to install GM "Y" line bumper inserts.

#7. Torque tray sockets for ASC with solid neodymium magnets.

#8. Aluminum light weight assist handle install tool, for Atlas Copco.

Specialty Tools

HINT: There are more tools shown than descriptions.
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